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Vertical Garden recreated

The brief we received for Amar and Veena's wedding reception was very simple, the decor should be unique , natural and breathtaking,

We decided to execute the concept of a vertical garden which was no where in the country at that time with a twinkling sky covering the entire hall , Leaves were sourced from thailand and kerala. Some guests even commented that few of the leaves are looking more beautiful than the flowers themselves.
The final result was simply breathtaking, We created a vertical garden in a natrual setup using rocks and boulders made in fiber,  the view was accentuated by the the rocky ledges that made the setup all the more interesting. Garden baskets filled with flowers made to look like fresh hanging flower plants in a garden were hung from the ceiling and this added to the over all Wow Factor

The entire ceiling was covered with blue drapes with lights inserted in to the cloth to make it look like a sky with twinkling star, It was too good to believe,  A exclusive bar counter was designed to match the over all decor and Bar stools with lights from within created more magic in the already magical ambience.

Since the backdrop had more of leaves only we compensated that by using exotic flowers in the entrance and on the round tables. The entrance lobby was decked up with fresh flowers in pots with inner glow, candles etc.,  King proteas in a tall vase on mirror with candles kept the guests in good company . On the whole it was one of our most memorable works till date.



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