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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 365petals?
365petals is the brand name of a physical florist company Srilaasya Floral Innovations private limited - The number One Florist Company based out of Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

It is the worlds First Iso 9001-2000 Certified Quality Florist Company.
Our postal Address is :
Srilaasya Floral Innovations Pvt. Ltd
Srinivasa Colony(West),
Hyderabad - 500038.
E-mail: contactus at 365petals.com
Contact Person: Prabhakar D. Mangina
E-mail: prabhakar at 365petals.com

What are all the Products Available at my choice?
Sweets, Flowers, Cakes and a very large collection of gifts are available at your choice. We have a Custom Gifts Section which allows you to choose any gift that is not available in our catalogue.

Where do you source all these items from?

All the flowers bouquets and arrangements are hand crafted by our team of expert florist, regarding the other products we source them from the best people in the industry. Some of the leading Indian and international brands are offered at 365petals.com. We have put lot of care and thought to see that you have no apprehensions regarding the quality of products and services you intend to gift to your beloved back home.

How to order?
You can order online on 365petals.com

How Can I make my payment ?
You can make the payment by credit card, debit card, netbanking, paypal and other payment methods being updated regualrly

How Secure is my credit card ?
In this matter you can feel extremely safe and secure with bananastuff.com. We are using a Verisign Approved payment system provided by Razorpay. Your Credit Card details are accepted through the SSL protocol. All transactions are secured, powered by CGI script capable of processing Credit Card transactions insuring that the information is encrypted before it is transmitted.

How is the item delivered ?
Most of the deliveries are made to home in person.
For More information please refer the Delivery Information / Shipping section

How soon can you deliver?
Our goal at 365petals is to ensure delivery on the chosen day. We call this day the "Preferred Delivery Day". We understand that you want your gift delivered on someone’s birthday and not a day later so we make sure that we meet the Preferred Delivery Day. We generally need 2 days to process the order and ensure that happens, but in case you happen to be late, we will try and bend backwards to make sure that the delivery can take place with 24 hours at no extra charge ( if this is not possible, we will delivery at the soonest we can).

Are there any timings for delivery?
Yes, all the deliveries are done during the business hours i.e. between 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM (IST). If you need any delivery before or after this time please confirm with us in advance.

Can I mention a specific delivery time?
Yes, You can but we can not assure you of a delivery exactly at that time, though we will put all efforts to deliver at the time mentioned by you. Delivery time will depend on the No of deliveries on a particular day and route plans for that day. More over on special occasions like New year day, Deepavali etc., we will be processing Hundreds of orders it will be practically impossible for us to stick to a particular time. We will try our best to deliver at the closest possible time to your preferred delivery time.

What is the recommended delivery time for Cakes?
If you are ordering for a cake especially for a Birthday we recommend a delivery in the evening any time after 3-4 PM (IST).
Out of our experience we found that most of the customers prefer delivering a cake early in the morning and most of the recipients prefer receiving it in the evening. The reason for this is birthdays are usually celebrated in the evenings it is preferable to deliver the cakes as close to the time of consumption as possible.

Are the items delivered as per the display on the Web Pages ?
There may be some variation in the gifts especially in perishable items like cakes and chocolates and flowers. Generally the gifts will be nearly similar to the pictures on the web. The will definitely match or exceed all the specifications in terms of weight, size, count and functionality.

How do I know that the item has been delivered on-time ?
After the delivery is made to , We will send you an email with the details of the delivery i.e., Date, Time, Name of the Recipient and Products delivered.

What if you don't deliver or deliver late ?
If you give us adequate time to process your order it will not be late. This will only happen due to forces beyond our control such as riots, transportation strikes and situations beyond our control. Another common reason this happens is when the recipient of the gift is not at home or the address has changed. We will cooperate with you to rectify this situation if it does occur. Please note our maximum liability is the refund of the purchase price if the fault is due to 365petals.com

Is there any additional delivery charge ?
We do not charge any delivery charge for deliveries in Hyderabad and secunderabad.

How much time do you take to deliver after the payment has been made ?
We can deliver your gift within 3 days of securing your payment or on the date of delivery mentioned by you in the order form, which ever is later. Please give us 3 days time for deliveries outside Hyderabad.

Are there any hidden costs such as delivery charges, taxes etc?
The price is all inclusive

Can I send a card along with the gift?
All gifts are sent with a card and its free. Just type in your message while placing your order and we will do the rest.

Can the recipient send me a return message ?
Yes, the recipient can send a return message to you. We'll request all recipients to fill in the return message for you in the delivery confirmation memo and we shall E-Mail it back to you.

What if I have to cancel my order ?
you can request to cancel the order 24 hours before the day of delivery. please send your requests to contactus at 365petals.com

What if the recipient's address is wrong or the recipient no longer stays there ?
We will inform you of such an eventuality. You can inform us to change the receiver's address within 24 hrs. of receiving our message, else your order will be cancelled and no refund will be made. But in no circumstances will the gift be changed or in case of perishable commodities will a fresh one be delivered.

What is your policy on the Warranty/Guarantee of the Products you offer?
PERISHABLE GIFTS - 365petals.com does not provide any warranties on the products it delivers.

NON-PERISHABLE GIFTS - Warranties are provided by the suppliers of the gifts in certain items such as watches, Home Appliances etc., The customer agrees that the customer service issues regarding the products (gifts) will be taken up with the manufacturer directly. 365petals.com will pass on any warranty cards if available to the recipient of the gift at the time of delivery